to the home of Alternative Wellness LLC, a private practice located at 147 Rock Road, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, where we are “Reconnecting the Body and Wellness”.


With massage therapy and corrective muscle therapy now being a part of the medical field, I am making great strides in educating the local community on how they can assist in improving one’s health and life! Massage Therapy is no longer just recognized for its relaxation techniques! More and more doctors, chiropractors, psychiatrists, oncologists, neurologists and hospitals are recommending massage therapy for their patients as a part of their rehabilitation and wellness programs.


As a PA licensed and certified therapist, I am dedicated to working with each of my clients one-on-one. Our relationship begins with the very first call and is followed up by a twenty minute initial consultation upon your first visit. Just as important as the therapeutic results is my understanding of your prior massage experience, health history, injuries, posture, physical lifestyle, wellness needs and goals. During our following sessions, together we will re-assess how you are feeling, benefits seen and felt, and any changes that may be in your best interest.  


I have designed the practice with a warm and comfortable air, where you feel respected, safe and secure. While there is no question that you are in a massage therapy practice, it does not have a clinical feel. Professionalism and ethics are held at the highest of standards. All licenses and certifications are on display for viewing. Both the practice and I are fully insured.


I very much look forward to speaking with and meeting you in the near future! No question or concern is ever too big or too small.


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